Devotionals for 10-17-2022

While it's never comfortable to talk about, there are many people today that have been hurt by members or even leaders of their church. "Church hurt" as it is called can be responsible for turning people away from Christ which should be the exact opposite of what we want for the people of this world. For Drew's message tonight, he talked about what it means to be harmed by a church and how to process those feelings in a way that draws us closer to God instead of driving us away.

Devotionals for 10-10-2022

Anxiety is something that many people suffer with from time to time and others may struggle with continually. In Rodney's message tonight he talked about how God calls us to cast our worries on him and not to be anxious. God is our rock and our salivation and Rodney reminds us that he is there for us in our times of need.

Devotionals for 10-03-2022

According to the bible, who are the elect? (hint: we are not talking politics here). If you answered, those chosen by God, you are right but there is also more to it than that. For John's message he talks about what is means to be "the elect" and how God's love is available to all who turn to him.

Devotionals for 09-26-2022

On the night before Jesus’s death, he charged his disciples (and by extension us) with sharing a meal of remembrance we call today, communion. Partaking in communion has many benefits and for Kevin’s message he talks about it’s importance and why we should actively participate in this activity on a regular basis.

Devotionals for 09-19-2022

How we approach people can make a big difference in how they receive us. Rushing angrily at someone can frighten them away or make them defensive towards you. So why then do some people try to share God in the most confrontational way possible? For Drew's message tonight, he talks about the importance of our approach to others and how the bible teaches us to put away our quarreling and instead share God with others through love, grace and mercy.

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