Devotionals for 02-13-2023

Every one of us goes through trials in life. It's not a question of if, but when. So how are we as Christian's to respond when times get tough? For Drew's devotional, he talks about the how's and why's of our earthly trials and how to build spiritual strength when times get tough.

Devotionals for 02-06-2023

Many of us can get hung up on things in our past. It's often hard to move forward with our lives when things we've done or experienced continue to haunt us. For Rodney's message tonight, he talked about the importance of leaving our pasts behind us, moving forward in our lives and growing in our relationship with God.

Devotionals for 01-30-2023

God wants us to join together in communities, but even within Jesus's closest followers, there was broken fellowship and strife. So how do we accomplish with so many different personalities and points of view? Kevin continued this series on community tonight and talked about the how and why of comminutes that reflect God's vision for our lives.

Devotionals for 01-23-2023

When we think of blessings, we often focus on those that flow from the Lord, but does it work the other way as well? Can we as Christians bless our God? For Drew's devotional tonight, he affirmed that indeed we can bless our Lord God and what those blessing should look like using king David's examples.

Devotionals for 01-09-2023

What does thanksgiving mean in the context of our relationship with God? For Rodney's message tonight he talks about what thanksgiving is and how we can praise and honor God by giving him thanks in a way that is pleasing to him.

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