Devotionals for 03-04-2024

We are called to be a royal priesthood for God and yet we are slaves to sin. So how can we obtain the holiness that we so desire but is contrary to our actions? For Colton's message tonight he talked about what it is that God wants from us and how by his grace and mercy we have a place in his kingdom.

Devotionals for 02-19-2024

When we think about what the bible says about God's love for us, there are many stories and verses that come to mind. One that you might have overlooked is the story of Ruth. For David's devotional tonight he talked about the beautiful illustration that we find in the book of Ruth and how we can use this to start to see ways that God shows us love and blesses us in our lives.

Devotionals for 02-05-2024

We desire forgiveness from others when we make mistakes, so why is it sometimes so hard for us to forgive? For Drew's devotional tonight, he talked about the struggles that people face with forgiving others and also how absolutely critical it is to our faith that we forgive all who cause offence to us.

Devotionals for 01-29-2024

Hebrews 12 has a lot to say about remaining strong in our walk with Christ and how we must resist temptation and sin. For Colton’s message tonight, he encouraged us to take in the holiness of the Lord and strive to become wholly part of Him who gives us the strength to overcome sin and death.

Devotionals for 01-22-2024

Psalms tell us that we should "number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.". For Matt's devotional tonight he talked about the hugeness and eternality of God compared to our limited and fleeting existence here on earth. Talking the Psalmists words to heart, we should strive to make the most of our time here and fill our lives with meaning and poupous.

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