Devotionals for 05-23-2022

As Christians we are called to be bold for Christ. We are called to share God's word with others and let the world know the truth of the Gospel, but sometimes our idea of what boldness is might be distorted. In David's message tonight, he talks about what boldness is, what it isn't and how we can learn to rely on Christ to carry out his will.

Devotionals for 05-16-2022

You be forgiven if you thought that Paul's imprisonment would have made him upset or at the very least, a little anxious. Judging by his letter to the Philippines, the opposite was true. In Rodney's message the talked about how Paul's circumstances led him to grow in his faith and find joy in doing so. No matter what struggles you are going through, God can use that situation to draw us closer to him and cause us to grow stronger in our own faith.

Devotionals for 05-09-2022

The storms in our lives are painful to endure and while we are struggling with them, they may seem to last for an eternity. Jesus shows us both literally and metaphorically that he can calm the storms around us. For John's message tonight he talked about how Jesus is there with us through our storms and will transform us and strengthen us for our betterment.

Devotionals for 05-02-2022

No matter who you are, we all worship something or someone. Worship fulfills some our deepest needs, and the worship of God brings him great joy. In tonight's message, Kevin explains how God desires our worship and instructs us how to worship him through his word. No matter how we worship God, we are remined that God calls us to worship him with our every action, every day of our lives.

Devotionals for 04-25-2022

How's your space situation right now? Does your life feel pretty full? If you're like me, you're near your limit of what you can fit into your life. If this is you, then it's probably time to take stock and examine what's truly important to you. For Drew's message tonight, he talked about the importance of acknowledging our limits and making sure we leave enough room for God.

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