Devotionals for 01-15-2024

Changing our behaviors or starting something new is difficult but some of those changes can be well worth the struggle it takes to make them part of our lives. For David's devotional tonight, he talked about the importance of a daily study of God's word. There are few things in this life more valuable and beneficial to us that to spend time in God's word.

Devotionals for 01-08-2024

Do you ever feel stuck in the past? Do you find yourself look back more that you are looking forward? For Kevin's message tonight, he reminds us of the words of Isaiah which serve to guide us away from hurts and even joys of past and focus instead on our present relationship with God and the future that we have to look forward to in our journey with him.

Devotionals for 01-01-2024

We all experience change regularly but occasionally, things change in a big way that effects all people everywhere. For tonight's devotional Drew talks about one of the greatest changes the world has ever seen and how this world would never be the same again after it.

Devotionals for 12-18-2023

Jesus came into this world as a fulfillment of the God's word through the prophets, to be our Saviour, our teacher and our companion through suffering. For Colton's message tonight, he talked about the wonderful blessing that is the gift of redemption through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, who is our great hope in this fallen world.

Devotionals for 12-11-2023

While the anticipation for Christmas seems to be everywhere, there are many who have lost loved ones and are not looking forward to the painful reminder of their absence this holiday season. For Matt's devotional tonight, he talked about the promise that Advent brings and the comfort he receives for his own struggles knowing that the glorious return of Christ will right the wrongs of this world and will unite us once again with those who have already departed.

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