Devotionals for 11-14-2022

Hope is the expectation and longing for the promised blessings of righteousness. Hope is something that we all need and yet it's something that many of us feel like we don't have enough of. For Rodney's message tonight he talks about the importance of hope and how we can increase hope in our own lives.

Devotionals for 11-07-2022

Trusting God when nothing seems to be going right is difficult to say the least. It's easy to forget all the times in which God has turned a dire situation into something wonderous. For John's message tonight, he talked about the importance of trusting God in the tough times and remembering all that he has done and will do in all of our lives.

Devotionals for 10-31-2022

In our lives we all experience struggles, seemingly from all sides. While forces work to draw us away from God and beat us down, we must remember that ours is a faith in the victorious. For Kevin's message tonight, he talked about showing the world the faith we have in the one who is unlike any other. The one in whom victory resides.

Devotionals for 10-17-2022

While it's never comfortable to talk about, there are many people today that have been hurt by members or even leaders of their church. "Church hurt" as it is called can be responsible for turning people away from Christ which should be the exact opposite of what we want for the people of this world. For Drew's message tonight, he talked about what it means to be harmed by a church and how to process those feelings in a way that draws us closer to God instead of driving us away.

Devotionals for 10-10-2022

Anxiety is something that many people suffer with from time to time and others may struggle with continually. In Rodney's message tonight he talked about how God calls us to cast our worries on him and not to be anxious. God is our rock and our salivation and Rodney reminds us that he is there for us in our times of need.

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