Devotionals for 05-29-2023

John 15:13 says "There is no greater love than to lay down ones life for a friend". For Rodney's devotional tonight he talked about what it actually looks like to lay down one's life for others and also the impact that has on those who remain. On this Memorial Day, he called on us to take time to remember the sacrifice that has been made by some and also at this time to remember the sacrifice that Jesus has made for each and every one of us.

Devotionals for 05-22-2023

Jesus promises us peace, but not in the way the world thinks of it. The world defines peace as the absence of conflict but what Jesus is offering is something else entirely. For Kevin's message tonight, he talks about the peace that surpasses all human understanding. A peace that and goes beyond mere external circumstances and can be experienced even in the midst of difficulties.

Devotionals for 05-15-2023

The world will tell you that when you succeed in life, you should be proud of yourself because of the great work you did. But how much of our accomplishments can be attributed to us alone? For Drew's devotional tonight, he reminds us how easy it is to fall into the trap of pride and deny God the glory he is due.

Devotionals for 05-08-2023

God can reveal his glory in a few different ways. God's glory can be seen throughout his creation from the smallest units of life to his most complex and wonderous beings. God can also be found within each of us with the very idea of him being placed within us. For John's devotional tonight, he talked about how God's glory is all around us and how we, having had God revealed to us, can then reveals God's glory to those around us.

Devotionals for 05-01-2023

Grace can be a difficult concept to understand as none of us have ever met someone who perfectly exemplifies grace but through the love and sacrifice that Jesus's has shown us, we get to experience what real grace is all about. For Rodney's devotional tonight, he talked about what grace is and also why it's such a tremendous gift from God our father.

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