Devotionals for 09-26-2022

On the night before Jesus’s death, he charged his disciples (and by extension us) with sharing a meal of remembrance we call today, communion. Partaking in communion has many benefits and for Kevin’s message he talks about it’s importance and why we should actively participate in this activity on a regular basis.

Devotionals for 09-19-2022

How we approach people can make a big difference in how they receive us. Rushing angrily at someone can frighten them away or make them defensive towards you. So why then do some people try to share God in the most confrontational way possible? For Drew's message tonight, he talks about the importance of our approach to others and how the bible teaches us to put away our quarreling and instead share God with others through love, grace and mercy.

Devotionals for 09-12-2022

Most people spend their lives searching for their identity. Who are we? What's our purpose in life? People will chase various jobs, relationships, and maybe even churches in an attempt to find out who we are as a person. In David's message tonight he talks about what that longing in our lives actually is and what it truly means to have our identities given to us by Christ.

Devotionals for 09-05-2022

Jesus often called out the Pharisees for their hypocrisy and by doing so warns us about hypocrisy in our own lives. Hypocrisy is the act of believing something but then acting contrary to that belief. Rodney's message tonight focused on what it means to be a hypocrite and why its so important to avoid becoming one.

Devotionals for 08-29-2022

It can be hard at times to put our trust in God's promises. We are used to being disappointed by others but in Kevin's message tonight, he reminds us that God's promises are different than those of man. The bible teaches us that our great God never stops loving us no matter our faults and nothing in this world will be able to separate us from his love.

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