Devotionals for 06-27-2022

What does the parable of the prodigal son mean to you? Is it simply a story of redemption and hope or is there more going on in this lesson from Jesus? In Drew's message tonight he talks about some of the easier to miss points of this parable and challenges you to also be prodigal with your love, grace and mercy for others.

Devotionals for 06-20-2022

God is described in the bible as our Father in heaven. Just as God loves us and cares for us, we must also love and care for our own children. In Rodney's message tonight he talks about how the bible gives us instruction on how to raise our children in the most productive and beneficial way possible.

Devotionals for 06-13-2022

Jesus gave us two "greats" in his ministry, the great commandment and the great commission. John's message tonight talks about the kind of love God shows to us and expects from us and also how we should share the truth of God's message with others and not just what society wants to hear.

Devotionals for 06-06-2022

In times of struggle or grief, many wonder to themselves if God is even there? During these times they (or maybe we) can feel helpless, lost or even alone. For Kevins message tonight, he shared a message of hope about a savior that is both close to us and cares for us deeply.

Devotionals for 05-30-2022

Compassion was one of the cornerstones of Jesus's ministry. He showed us through his words and actions how we are to show compassion to others. For Drew's message tonight, he asks the question, who is it that you are withholding compassion from? Showing compassion is easy if we like the person who is suffering but Jesus's example challenges us to show compassion to everyone, despite our feelings for them.

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