Devotionals for 5-25-15

In honor of Memorial Day, tonight's devotional made an awesome parallel between the sacrifice of the solider for our freedom and the sacrifice Jesus made for us to free us from sin. We had a great turn out tonight and a wonderful conversation afterwords. I encourage everyone that can to join is are these are a great time of fellowship.

Devotionals for 5-11-15

David brought us an awesome message tonight about being the apple of Gods eye. Definitely worth a listen.If you have ever been curious about what its like to attend our weekly devotional...David always brings us a message, which is recorded (audio linked here). Once the recording has stopped we ask if anyone wants to share a prayer request or praise report and then David lead us in prayer. You are not required to talk or share if you don't want to. Listening only is just fine :)

Devotionals for 4-20-15

David shares a really cool story from one of my personal favorite slices of history...Scottish history :DFor those that have not joined us for has become the highlight of my week and what you don't get to hear on the audio is the awesome time we have sharing our prayer requests and praise reports. Thanks all for making this such a special event.

Devotionals for 4-6-15

Now that we have celebrated Easter David brings a message of how we should respond to this glorious event.

Devotionals for 3-30-15

The story of Lazarus continues tonight with the triumphant entry (John 12). Enjoy :D

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