Devotionals for 3-3-14

Chris continues his series from Galatians. Thanks again to Chris for bringing us another great look into the word of God. Enjoy

Devotionals for 2-24-14

Another great devotional by Chris. If God asked you why you should get to heaven, do you have the right answer? Hear his thoughts on this most critical of topics.

Devotionals for 1-30-14

Chris took us another step further into Glaciation. Really great theology here. Give a listen.

Devotionals for 11-21-13

Chris tackles one of the trickier bits of Galatians. Really interesting insight here on one of the more debatable sections of the bible. Enjoy

Devotionals for 11-7-13

This weeks devotional: Trust, circumcision, and the first ever ROFL. Check it out. Thanks again to Chris for doing such a great job with these.

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